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Why SEO is More Important That Ever During COVID-19

Why SEO is More Important That Ever During COVID-19

As a world-wide pandemic continues to force dozens of different countries into an indefinite lockdown, the future of many businesses may be in turmoil as they find themselves on the chopping block. After all, British consumers are being advised to stay indoors which can significantly reduce business for retail industries that rely on face-to-face interaction with customers. Here at SEO Enterprise, we want to emphasise the importance of online marketing and explain why practices like SEO are still effective. Read on to find out more…

It is important that business owners remember that the need for products and services is still necessary and a lack of industry specialists to do so means that many consumers will find alternative solutions. Since the fundamental basics of SEO tells us that users are more likely to click on the results found in the first two pages in the SERPs, it is recommended that web users continue with their campaigns in order to ensure that any demand for these services can be met. After all, the world may be drastically different during the current climate, but online marketing allows businesses to reach users who are still searching with intention.

Furthermore, there can be a lot of negative side effects caused by pausing an active SEO campaign. After all, the real world may be pre-occupied but the online world is carrying on as normal which means that a sudden lack of content for the search engine spiders to browse may cause the search engine to deem a website untrustworthy. In addition to this, the organic ranking of a site will naturally drop when a campaign is paused which means that users who are searching for particular products and services are less likely to find it.

Whilst the end of the COVID-19 pandemic may be uncertain as of March 2020, the marketing efforts that are implemented by technicians over the next few weeks can make or break an entire campaign. After all, restarting a dormant campaign when the lockdowns end and consumers return to the high-street will force marketers to battle with a sudden influx of competition and may make ranking even harder than usual.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we recognise that businesses may be tempted to sacrifice their marketing efforts when the going gets tough. After all, the results that are obtained from SEO often take many months to show in the SERPs which can lead to the misconception that it isn’t cost-effective or useful. To speak to an experienced SEO technician about online marketing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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