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Why SEO Is Essential For Startups In 2018

Why SEO Is Essential For Startups In 2018

No matter what kind of industry you work in, laying the foundations for a successful startup business is extremely challenging. Whether you’re hoping to pit yourself against larger, more established competitors or trying to target a particular niche- trying to establish yourself in the digital marketplace is always going to be difficult.

Of course, this is exactly why the majority of startups fail in their first six months. A failure to gain the attention and trust of your audience can be catastrophic, while many startups simply struggle to gain any kind of momentum. For any startup in the world, digital marketing can provide the answer to your problems.

More specifically, SEO could be just what your startup needs to get its feet off the ground, but what are the main benefits of investing in a major search campaign?

Get Your Brand Noticed

For any startup, the major thing you need to worry about is raising brand awareness. After all, how else do you expect to attract customers and turn a profit?

It’s no secret that the majority of shoppers are now completing their purchases online, while many others will hop online to research a business before converting. So, regardless of whether you own an ecommerce site, a restaurant or pave driveways for a living, you need to make an impression online.

Well most online experiences begin with a search engine query, so you obviously want to make sure customers can find your website. The importance of being on page one cannot be overestimated, as the majority of web users won’t search past the top page of results.

Capitalize On Keyword Gaps

The real beauty of SEO lies in the sheer amount of control it gives you. It wasn’t so long ago that you’d have to pay large sums of money to magazines or newspapers to advertise your business, but the dawn of digital opens up all kinds of different avenues.

SEO allows you to target customers that are specifically looking for the products and services you provide, which is why it’s perfect place to market yourself. You can find gaps in keyword trends to make sure you’re appearing in relevant queries or battle it out with competitors for broader keywords. Either way, SEO is your chance to advertise to the right customers at the right time. What could be better?

Building Authority and Trust

As a startup, it can be incredibly difficult to establish yourself in a crowded marketplace. When you’re going up against big high street brands and multi-national corporations, it can be almost impossible to gain the trust of your customers. But it can be done.

SEO is now all about authority and popularity, with users much more likely to trust businesses that are top of the search engines than those that are languishing on, say, page 10. If users can see that Google recognises your site as an authentic, trustworthy website, then this will lead them to place more trust in your brand.

For any startup, gaining the trust of your audience is absolutely crucial, and the best way to achieve this is through SEO in Manchester.


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