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Why Is Website Speed So Important In 2018?

Why Is Website Speed So Important In 2018?

By now, every small business owner should be fully aware of how important it is to develop a strong digital presence. Since the online shopping trend has shown itself to be completely unstoppable in recent years, it would be remiss of you to ignore this change in the market and not use it to your advantage.

Of course, since making an online impact is now so important, it stands to reason that your competitors will be thinking along the same lines. No matter what your businesses does or how competitive the industry is, an effective digital presence is paramount in ensuring your business is as successful as possible.

Well, to really make an impact on the internet, you’re obviously going to need an effective, responsive website to maximise the results of your SEO campaign. But it’s no longer enough to just throw up a site template and expect customers to come flooding in, because in 2018 you need to prioritise your site speed.

User Experience

If people don’t enjoy exploring your website, then they’ll swiftly click back to the SERPs and try one of your competitors instead. This means you need to offer them a positive user experience, ensuring that browsing the site is a simple, fun process.

Central to that experience is the speed of the site. If it takes too long to load pages, users are bound to become frustrated and give up; while a speedy, efficient website is bound to encourage further exploration of the site.

Conversion Rates

Every single one of your digital marketing campaigns is geared towards one very important goal: to improve conversion rates. Well, slow site speed has the power to render all of those marketing efforts useless, because people just won’t want to convert if you’re making things too hard for them.

Think about it: if you were looking to buy a camera, would you really have the patience to make your way through a slow, plodding path to conversion? No. Fantastic site speed is now essential if you ever want to see impressive conversion rates, which, of course, are a key indication of how well your business is performing.

SEO Rankings

Google has made no secret of the fact that website speed plays a huge part in its ranking algorithm, so a slow site just won’t be able to achieve optimum SEO results. Essentially, a slow site means that it’s harder for the search engines to crawl the pages of your website, which will obviously hamper the growth and success of your keyword strategy.

But even with a fast website, you’re going to need the best SEO Manchester has to offer if you really want to make an online impact. Contact SEO Enterprise today to find out more about the awesome services we provide!

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