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Why is Unethical SEO Still Happening?

Why is Unethical SEO Still Happening?

We hear you – It can be frustrating to see black-hat SEO technicians rise the ranks as you try time and time again to best them in the SERPs without resorting to unethical methods. Despite this, these marketers only emphasize the reasons why you should keep your campaigns on the straight and narrow whilst forcing us to question: why is unethical SEO so prevalent in 2021? Read on as we explain everything…

The Google search engine has done everything in its power to crack down on black-hat marketers, particularly those within the SEO and PPC industry, however it is clear that unethical practices are still popular across the net. From link farming to plagiarized content, manipulating the search engine to display a website favourably in the SERPs is thought to be an effective ‘shortcut’ that takes the hassle out of the marketing process. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we know, unethical SEO is penalised harshly in the SERPs by the algorithms that the search engines have put into place in order to make the ranking process as fair as possible, and this means that taking the easy route often ends quite poorly for websites and marketers that simply cannot be bothered to put the time and energy into an ethical and reliable campaign. So why does black-hat SEO remain so common in the marketing world?

The answer lies in the credibility of the SEO company carrying out the work and the unrealistic expectations of the client.

A lot of website owners aspire to get their site onto page-one in a matter of weeks, however this simply isn’t possible from a white-hat perspective. Ideally, the SEO technician carrying out the work would explain the patience that comes with the SEO marketing technique, however a handful will choose to put profit above their marketing morals and start using black-hat methods to achieve such a feat. After all, it is quite possible when you are manipulating the search engine and working with an unfair advantage.

SEO is around 3 decades old and we can confidently say that the industry has changed dramatically since the 1990’s. After all, Google now hunts down black-hat marketers for sport. With this said, there are some technicians who lack the patience required to perform ethical search engine optimisation and chose to use manipulative methods instead. SEO Enterprise is an ethical SEO company that always puts the client and the industry at the forefront of every decision.

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