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Why is SEO a Long-Term Marketing Method?

Why is SEO a Long-Term Marketing Method?

The biggest misconception that catches a lot of people by surprise when it comes to SEO is the length of time it takes to put together a high-quality campaign. After all, the results that are generated cannot be obtained overnight and it often takes many months of consistent efforts in order to see long-term results in the SERPs. Read on as we explain why…

In layman’s terms, SEO is all about building up a relationship with the search engine through the use of high-quality content and techniques in order to encourage it to raise a website’s rank in the SERPs. This can take a lot longer to achieve than many people tend to realise and it can often be a frustrating waiting period for the both the client and the technician.

The first month of a campaign is often focussed on strategy in order to assess which keywords are generating the most traffic and discovering the best way to attack competitors. There may also be technical changes made to a website itself in order to encourage the search engine to work with it. The second month is when the SEO really begins as modifications are made in accordance with the website audit that was carried out during the first month. At the same time, content that is relevant and original is being created by trained copywriters in order to target specific keywords.

The third month typically places a lot of emphasis on the importance of content in SEO as copywriters start to develop a plan for the direction of a campaign in accordance with the services that a business provides. This is when the client will often see major improvements in their ranking compared to small and sometimes insignificant changes during the previous two months. This focus on content will continue into the fourth month as technicians begin to clean up any bad links and replace them with good ones, and the direction of a campaign starts to take its own form as per the needs of the client and their goals.

A lot of business owners and SEO companies make the mistake of miscommunicating their goals and intentions. After all, search engine optimisation is far from a quick-fix marketing method and it is vital that clients understand the dedication that is required from both sides in order to generate results. For all your SEO needs, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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