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Why is Page One in the SERPs So Difficult to Obtain?

Why is Page One in the SERPs So Difficult to Obtain?

Why is Page One in the SERPs So Difficult to Obtain?

The competition is fierce in marketing, particularly when it comes to search engine optimisation, because every other website is also vying for the top spot in the SERPs. After all, position one on page one is considered the be-all and end-all of an entire campaign for many technicians. Here at SEO Enterprise, we’ve decided to explain why it is sought-after with such aspiration so you can understand why we make certain decisions when putting together our campaigns…

The first thing to remember when it comes to Google is that this search engine is unbelievably harsh and doesn’t take very kindly to the use of black-hat methods like keyword stuffing, duplicated content and link farms. After all, the Panda algorithm was rolled out in 2011 in order to ensure quality was at the top of every technician’s check-list. These guidelines have been refined to such an unbelievably high standard over the years that it takes a lot of work to be deemed ‘good enough’ for page one, and a lot of websites fail to recognise this.

Another reason why page one is so competitive is because you are quite literally at war with other websites that provide a similar, if not identical, service to your own. A single page in the SERPs only displays 10 results which means that it is inevitable that only a select few are going to hit the jackpot. Although you should never sabotage your competitors, you should always try to stay one step ahead of them by paying attention to any algorithm updates and focusing on ethicality above all else.

Finally, the SEO industry is constantly changing and will adapt very quickly to change so it is vital that technicians are prepared for any sudden changes that may rock the boat. Mobilegeddon is the name given to a 2015 update that made mobile optimization an important ranking factor and a lack of foresight meant that this affected the position of a lot of websites. Remember, SEO is a time-consuming marketing approach and it takes many months to see positive results, nevermind achieving a page one position, so you only have to imagine how many changes could occur during this time frame.

There is a common misconception that SEO can help a website reach page-one in a matter of weeks, however this marketing technique often requires consistent effort from a team of technicians and copywriters to build up the search engine’s trust. Although it is admirable to obtain page-one dominance, it is better to do so gradually as this allows a website to earn Google’s respect. To find out more information, get in contact with the best SEO coaching team at SEO Enterprise today!

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