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Why Influencer Marketing Has Become So Important In 2018

Why Influencer Marketing Has Become So Important In 2018

We all know the importance of great content.

Over the past few years, content marketing has become a priority for businesses all over the world, as they attempt to increase engagement and connection with their customers. By creating blog posts, infographics and videos all tailored towards your target audience, you’ll obviously be increasing awareness of your brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

The only problem is- absolutely everyone is doing it. No matter what industry you work in, you’ll find competitors wrestling over the same small slither of online space, taking extra measures to ensure their content gets in front of the right people. Of course, when competition is so fierce, it’s incredibly difficult to get your content (and your business) noticed by your target audience.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

This is where influencer marketing becomes so important. Instead of having to spend a fortune on magazine or newspaper features, you can now reach out to influential figures within your industry and ask them to share your content or products.

Blogger outreach is a fantastic way of getting your content out there, while social media influencers are always interested in telling their audience about what you have to offer. These influencers have got your target audience right there; waiting to learn more about your products and services. For marketers, this is surely too good an opportunity to turn down.

Getting your content promoted by either an influential publication or some sort of social media celebrity, you’ll avoid the risk of your content getting lost within the sea of competitors. This is an unmissable opportunity to get your content in front of the right people at the right time, which is exactly why so many businesses are beginning to invest in this kind of marketing strategy.

Now you just need to come up with some great content.

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Content has always been great for SEO purposes, since this gives you an opportunity to keep your website fresh- while also targeting your chosen combination of head and long-tail keywords. However, it’s no longer enough to simply write content for the sake of targeting keywords.

The search engines want to see that people are reading, enjoying and, more importantly, linking to your content. But, when there’s so many other businesses coming up with similar stuff, you need to take measures to ensure it’s YOUR content that’s noticed by the audience. Reaching out to an influencer is a great way of doing exactly that.

When promoted by an influencer, more people will be clicking on and browsing your website, which will ultimately improve your search engine rankings. This is fantastic for growing brand awareness, and guarantees that your marketing budget is spent on appealing to people interested in your products.

Alongside the best SEO Manchester has to offer, influencer marketing has the power to take your business to the next level. It’s just up to you whether you want to get there.

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