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Why Content Will Always Reign Supreme in SEO

Why Content Will Always Reign Supreme in SEO

Every year it is said how ‘content is king’ in the world of SEO, but very few technicians take the time to explain why. After all, there was a brief period of time when content in the form of blogs and articles were the most unreliable aspect of any campaign! Of course, this was a direct result of a lack of search engine authority as Google was yet to implement strict algorithms to govern how content was to be crafted and created. Read on as the SEO Enterprise team analyse why content is such an important ranking factor…

Every SEO technician should understand the influence that content has within a campaign as the blogs and articles that are uploaded onto a website can either positively or negatively affect its ranking position in the SERPs. This is because content is used in order to power certain strategies within SEO and so it must be at the very top of its game to impress the search engine and make an impact amongst the competition.

The role that content like blogs and articles play has changed dramatically in recent years as black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing and duplication were rife amongst marketers just a decade ago. The search engine, particularly Google, knuckled down on these unethical approaches and forced SEO-optimised content down a new path. As a result, it suddenly became unacceptable to pass off someone else work as your own and there was a newfound emphasis on relevance, quality and legibility.

As it stands, content continues to face new challenges as the algorithms redefine the definition of ‘quality’ in order to ensure that only the very best websites rank at the top spot. It will always be known as the strategy with the most potential in SEO and therefore ‘king’ because high-quality content is necessary for all of the back-end methods to work and generate the desired outcome. Put simply, a successful SEO campaign requires a success content-creation strategy.

Essentially, there are two sides to a successful SEO campaign: the technical aspect that takes place behind the scenes and the content creation side. It is vital that every blog and article that is intended for SEO purposes is also written with the user in mind in order to have the very best impact in the SERPs and avoid bringing down the technician’s hard work. For all your SEO coaching needs, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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