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Why are People Afraid of SEO?

Why are People Afraid of SEO?

Although the SEO industry has been around since the early 90’s, a lot has changed and the way that technicians approach a campaign has had a major facelift. After all, the days of unethical blogging and poor-quality sites have been replaced with reliable content and effective methods. Unfortunately, a handful of business owners are still concerned when it comes to SEO and many of them are thought to be afraid to replace their Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise go over three reasons why people may be afraid of search engine optimisation and why they have nothing to be worried about…

SEO looks complicated and intricate

To the untrained eye, search engine optimisation can look incredibly difficult. After all, it may be possible for the average person to train as a technician but it takes a certain amount of skill to create a high-quality campaign that delivers promising results. As a result, many business owners are too afraid to venture into the unknown and therefore decide to utilise PPC methods like advertising banners because the results appear to be more easily attainable.

It takes a lot of time to formulate a healthy SEO campaign

The SEO industry is a game of quality and technicians are constantly in competition with other marketers in order to reach the top spot in the SERPs. With this said, it can take at least 3 months of consistent activity before these results start to show and this can cause many business owners to question the validity of the approach because they are afraid of ‘wasting’ their money. After all, SEO is the long game where only the committed will make it to the finishing line.

The search engines are extremely strict

Modern SEO places a lot of emphasis on quality and reliability which the search engines reinforce regularly. After all, Google is made up of a variety of regularly updated algorithms which aim to ensure that technicians implement ethical and white-hat methods during their campaigns. Although these rules are easy to learn, many people find the strict algorithms off-putting and this can make them afraid of SEO entirely.

Fear is often the by-product of misunderstanding which means that business owners who do not trust SEO simply do not understand it. After all, a high-quality SEO campaign focuses on the user as much as it focuses on the search engine algorithms. To speak to an expert in the industry, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team and speak to an SEO technician today!

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