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Why a Blog is Important for SEO

Why a Blog is Important for SEO

In order to create a successful campaign, it is important to assess each avenue of the SEO industry order to find the approach that works for your website. With this said, there are some features that are non-disputable that every business should consider implementing in order to improve their campaign, such as a blog! After all, it is the most effective way to get information across in an ethical and high-quality format. Read on as we go over a few reasons why a blog is important in terms of SEO…

Building Trust

A blog is used as a way to add content to a website. After all, the new approach to SEO dictates that ‘content is king’ which means that it is vital that a campaign utilises high-quality, relevant and original information in order to build trust with the search engine. Once Google realises that a site is legitimate and trustworthy, the rankings in the SERPSs are more likely to increase.

Keyword Targeting

When content is written in the form of a blog, it gives copywriters the opportunity to filter in a particular keyword and assist the efforts of the technician in rising a websites ranking position. With this said, it is important not to use a keyword too many times as this is a black-hat technique known as keyword stuffing and can actually impact rankings negatively

Internal Linking

Creating links and internal links in an SEO campaign is very important and can be done using a blog. For example, the more blog posts you have, the more opportunities there will be to link them together. In addition to this, it is also possible to do a ‘blog exchange’, which is when two similar companies will publish an article on their site and link back to the others website, which creates a high-quality link.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that an entire SEO campaign is held together by the implementation of a blog. After all, it places high-quality content on a site in order to build trust with Google, acts as the main approach to link building and also allows copywriters to filter keywords throughout the website that will eventually help increase a website rank in the SERPs. To find out more information about the importance of a blog, get in contact with the SEO experts at SEO Enterprise today!

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