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White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

The practice of maximising the organic traffic to your website by increasing its search engine visibility is called search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO campaigns aim to get your webpage on the first search engine results page (SERP) when related terms or keywords are searched on Google or other search engines. SEO began in the 90s and has become a dynamic industry centred on generating unique content and creating strong link relationships with high quality, trustworthy sources to boost the organic traffic visiting the site.

SEO revolves around search engine guidelines and rules. Strictly this applies to all search engines, but Google, being the most visited web page in the world and responsible for over 90% of global search engine requests, dominates the entire industry. Methods of SEO must adhere to Google’s guidelines and algorithms in order to be successful. These methods are referred to as white hat, and focus on generating exciting or compelling content that is unique and new. In this way the guidelines seek to rank pages by their organic impact on their respective industries. Those that are generating lots of high quality and unique content should be given high visibility, etc.

White hat methods follow the mantra “content is king”, which simply means that your strategy must revolve around generating and publishing your own content. Black hat, or unethical, SEO, involves trying to trick the search engine and the searcher into boosting its traffic even though it is not offering any new content.

White hat SEO is entirely focused on the human audience and the user experience of the site. By outputting content that is engaging and relevant to the search terms, the site will experience an organic increase in traffic and a lower bounce rate – the speed at which people leave your website once they arrive. These techniques are the only ones that will provide long-term success for any potentially successful venture, as black hat methods are punished harshly when identified by Google’s algorithm.

Running an exclusively white hat campaign is vital for any up-and-coming business, so don’t listen to those trying to sell you black hat practices. If you’d like to get started on an SEO campaign for your company, don’t settle for an SEO company that uses less than the best methods for you. Contact SEO Enterprise today for a free no-obligation SEO analysis!

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