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What Video Games Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

What Video Games Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

Video games are awesome. They always have been.

From retro classics such as Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog, to ground-breaking online multiplayer shooters, to complete universes in virtual reality; there’s just nothing quite like a good video game to blow off some steam.

But video games are much more than the addictive past-times we all know and love, because they’ve always had the potential to teach us an awful lot about the world. More specifically, they’ve been teaching us all about digital marketing. You might just not have realised it.

Influencers Can Play A Massive Role

You only need to look at the Fortnite phenomenon to understand the power of influencers.

Epic Games’ free Battle Royale mode took the world by storm at the end of last year, developing a gamer base that’s over 100 million strong– which is still very much alive today. However, instead of spending a fortune on television adverts (which is what big games like FIFA and Call of Duty do), Fortnite tapped into the power of influencers to make its name.

Twitch streamers such as Ninja, for example, consistently achieve absolutely massive viewing figures, while it’s widely known that Premier League footballers enjoy the game. This celebrity association has certainly played a major role in Fortnite’s popularity, and it’s not really hard to see what marketers can learn from this.

You Need To Find Your Niche

A great marketing strategy will always have a clear audience in mind. Whether you’re targeting pensioners, young mums or middle-aged men, all of your content and messaging will be geared towards this particular demographic.

The video game industry is a perfect example of how important it is for businesses to find their niche- and then make the most of it. A quick look on the PSN store will bring up a plethora of indie classics you might not have heard of, with the likes of Super Meat Boy and Fez providing a different sort of gaming experience.

They don’t have the budgets of other games in the market and, yet, they’re still widely popular. Why? Because the developers understood the market they were trying to appeal to.

Learn (And Improve) From Every Failure

Failure in video games can have pretty brutal consequences. Whether you’re skewered by a spike on Crash Bandicoot or ravaged by a bear on Tomb Raider, it’s never nice to see the words ‘GAME OVER’ plastered across your screen.

However, we always learn from those mistakes. The next time we go on, we manage to hop over that pesky little spike and understand how dangerous the bear can be, which means we do a much better job the second time around.

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, the same principles should apply. Although you might feel as though you’ve fallen down a hole, the important thing is you’ve learnt how to pick yourself out of it and how to avoid it next time. After all, that’s the only way any of us are going to improve.

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