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What to look for in a potential SEO company

What to look for in a potential SEO company

Since the establishment and subsequent rise in popularity of the internet as a platform for trading and commerce, it has never been more important to cultivate your company’s image online. This is partially what SEO aims to do; by ensuring prominent visibility on Google or other search engines, good SEO can provide your venture with legitimacy and authority in your industry, as well as boosting your sales! But it can be difficult to decide what to prioritise when looking for an SEO consultant to get you front and centre on the SERP. Here’s a few things to keep an eye out for:

Good reviews and happy clients

As with most businesses, the easiest and most reliable way of quickly seeing the business’ reputation is to have a browse through their previous clients. Whether on Google, a dedicated review site like Trustpilot, or simply the reviews uploaded to their own website, reading about other clients’ experiences can help you spot a quality company!

Uses exclusively white hat methods

White had SEO methods are ethical, content-driven techniques to improve the visibility of your site while also creating engaging content and raising the quality of your site’s user experience. Black hat methods like keyword stuffing try to trick the algorithms and are punished by Google. For high quality SEO stick with white hat!

Has a genuine emphasis on content

As above – SEO methods that attempt to subvert the rules and force visibility are risky and unsustainable solutions. Only through a genuine focus on content will you organically raise your SERP ranking without risking harm to your business. A good SEO campaign will be built around producing content.

Employs their own services

An easy litmus test for any SEO company is: do they do their own SEO? Any company worth its salt will likely be using their own content writers to produce for their own website and will be engaging with their own SEO campaign rather than outsourcing. If it’s good enough for you, it should be good enough for them too!

At SEO Enterprise we always run purely white hat SEO campaigns with a strong focus on content. We have a unique ethos for the SEO industry, and we will go the extra mile to get our clients onto the first SERP! Check out our website today for a free no-obligation SEO analysis.

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