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What Should an SEO Company be Offering You?

What Should an SEO Company be Offering You?

SEO is one of the newest services in the world, only dating back to the 90s, yet it finds itself relevant to the vast majority of businesses and consumers who operate fully or partially online. SEO (search engine optimisation) works by creating content that works within the guidelines and rules of Google and other search engines, in order to maximise your visitor base and visibility online. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get your business or website on the front page of the SERPs (search engine results page) when people search terms or phrases that are associated with your business. But what should an SEO company be offering you? What SEO services are going to aid you and your business?

Bespoke Service

First and foremost, any SEO company worth its salt should be offering you unique, personalised service for your company. No cut-and-paste techniques will work for your business and will instead leave you frustrated and out-of-pocket. For maximum protection, choose a company that offers you a bespoke evaluation free of charge and with no strings attached. This is the best way you can tell that an SEO company will be working for you, not just charging you!

Realistic Timescale

If your potential SEO company is offering you triple profits in three weeks, alarm bells should be ringing! SEO is a method of legitimately increasing your SERP ranking by generating unique content and optimising your online presence, it can’t be achieved overnight! Don’t fall for snake oil salesmen promising the world, any decent SEO campaign needs to run a full 6–12-month course to get the full benefit!

No contract

As mentioned above, any decent SEO campaign will take a full period of 6 to 12 months to take full effect. The risk here is that an SEO company could tie you into a lengthy and pricey contract and then not deliver the promised SEO services, leaving you stuck. Go with an SEO company that doesn’t tie you into a binding contract, if their services are working you won’t wish you stop anyway!

No Black Hats

All SEO technicians have come across the terms “white hat” and “black hat” SEO. These refer broadly to ethical and unethical methods of achieving SEO. Unscrupulous practices like keyword stuffing and plagiarism won’t help boost your sales as they will leave you with a generic website full of hidden content, stuffed with awkward keywords and with no new or unique content. Worse still, these methods could get you penalised by Google! Steer well clear of any company that uses black hat methods in its SEO campaigns.

If you’re looking for SEO services – look no further than SEO Enterprise. We are the best SEO Manchester has to offer and adhere to all advice above! Bespoke, expert service applied along a realistic timeline and with no contract. We absolutely never employ black hat SEO methods, and all of our work is 100% transparent. Check out our website for a free no-obligation SEO analysis.

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