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What is ‘Thin Content’ in SEO?

What is ‘Thin Content’ in SEO?

The majority of SEO companies have spouted the phrase ‘content is king’ more times than they can count – ourselves included! After all, content really does have a lot of value in a campaign and has the power to completely make or break the organic results that a website obtains. Here at SEO Enterprise, we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to SEO which is why we try to avoid poor-quality practices like thin content. Read on to find out more…

When the content on a website provides little or no value to the user, it is known as ‘thin content’ and this can have a devastating effect on the way that a website is ranked in the SERPs. After all, content should always be crafted with both the search engine and the user in mind in order to provide the very best results and ensure that a campaign is as ethical as possible.

Google is the most popular search engine around which means that it has its work cut out in order to ensure that it provides users with the most relevant results on offer. In order to do this, it will use the content that already exists on a site and analyse it for relevance, originality, and legibility.

This means that ‘thin content’ will not provide many organic results because Google won’t give it any visibility in the SERPs when it cannot answer a user’s question properly. At a basic level, the search engine should be able to tell what a piece of content is about and the content should be able to provide the user with an informative yet relevant response to their query.

Creating high-quality content in SEO is a lot more complicated than it used to be as too many keywords can actually set off the alarm bells too. After all, keyword stuffing was a prevalent black-hat method many years ago that is often found in thin content, and this affects the legibility of the information. In order to obtain the very best results, copywriters should ensure that they write relevant blogs and articles with the user in mind at all times as this creates detailed content that will help provide organic referrals.

The best SEO campaigns place a lot of emphasis on the implementation of high-quality, relevant, and original content. After all, duplicating or rewording existing content is a form of black-hat SEO that should be avoided at all costs. For all your content needs, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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