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What is Duplicated Content in SEO?

What is Duplicated Content in SEO?

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that content is the most important aspect of an entire campaign. After all, the search engine algorithms place a lot of emphasis on it and this means that poor-quality uploads can affect the ranking of a website in the SERPs drastically. In fact, many SEO technicians neglect their content and this often leads to an abundance of plagiarised material. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise go over everything there is to know about duplicated content…

Why is content important in SEO?

Although content was once seen as a steppingstone of the industry, it now holds a lot of prominence and that makes it a very important component. After all, content in the form of blogs and articles allows technicians to power their carefully chosen keywords and the search engine spiders will crawl these pages in order to index them and encourage ranking increases in the SERPs. In fact, content is so important that poor-quality pages have the potential to destroy an entire campaign.

Is duplicated content a black-hat technique?

Also known as plagiarism, duplicated content occurs when copywriters steal an already existing piece of information and upload it onto a website. In fact, it is also considered plagiarism when the foundations of a blog are exactly the same but the text has been altered slightly. It is important to remember that the search engine spiders index every page which means that it is very easy for them to find duplicated content and penalise the website in question. After all, it is a black-hat technique because it steals from competitors in order to make life easier for the technician that has used it.

Should SEO content target algorithms or users?

When it comes to optimising SEO content, it can be difficult to know whether to target the algorithms or the users. After all, the entire foundation of content has changed drastically over the years. Interestingly, the algorithms themselves place a lot of emphasis on the user which means that content should always be original, legible and relevant to their search query. With this said, it is also possible to add subtle algorithm optimisations too that will not affect the users experience, such as using long-tail keywords in order to reflect the spoken nature of searches.

In the world of SEO, content is ‘king’ which means that it holds great importance within a campaign. Interestingly, the way that technicians approach it has changed drastically over the years as content was often over-optimised in order to tick the right boxes and please the algorithms. Nowadays, the system has cracked down on black-hat methods like plagiarism in order to ensure that only the best content has a lasting effective. To find out more information about original content in SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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