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What Can You Do With Google Search Console

What Can You Do With Google Search Console

For anyone with a website, Google’s free webmaster tools are essential. You have probably heard of Google Analytics (if you haven’t then you really should check that out, honestly, it’ll change your life). If you have, then you should consider adding Google Search Console to your list of Google resources.

Ways To Use Google Search Console

  1. Learn Common Keywords People Use To Find You

Anyone who found your website through a search engine used a particular set of keywords to do so. Google Search Console will show you which keywords are the most common for bringing visitors to your site.

You can look into each individual keyword and even learn which countries people are viewing from, what devices they are using and how keywords are getting on in terms of clicks, impressions and click-through rates.

  1. Identify Your Most Popular Pages

Every site has web pages that perform better in search engines than others. Google Search Console will help you pick out those web pages. You can see all the pages people have seen and clicked on in descending order of popularity. You will be able to see your best performing pages together, alongside their clicks and impressions.

  1. Traffic

For some businesses that provide services and products to specific parts of the world it is more important to get traffic from visitors in those areas. Google Search Console will provide you with the data on where your visitors are located so you can target the right people. You will be shown the number of clicks your website has received from each country, putting the highest number of clicks at the top.

  1. Devices

By today’s standards, each website should have a mobile friendly version. Even if you have taken steps to make your website look good on mobile it can be beneficial to know how many of your visitors are heading to your site on different devices. Google Search Console will show you the clicks your site is getting from each type of device and will also show you the number of impressions, click-through rates and average position as desired.

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