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We’re Welcoming A Brand New Client To SEO Enterprise

We’re Welcoming A Brand New Client To SEO Enterprise

You might find this hard to believe, but we are delighted to announce that a brand new client has joined our SEO Enterprise family! Our business is continuing to grow through our combination of dedication and hard work, and we couldn’t be happier as we say a great big “hello!” to Protection Dogs Worldwide.

Protection Dogs are a family-run business that provide a range of different dog breeds to improve your security and safety. They have become a well-established, renowned business in Yorkshire, and they have a variety of protection dogs for sale and also carry out the necessary training. They pride themselves on their honest principles and excellent customer relations, making them a perfect addition to our SEO ship.

They understand the importance of buying the right dog for you, and so have a keen desire to educate their customers as to how to properly care for the animal. Their morals as trainers mean that they aren’t interested in just selling you a dog for the sake of it, and are dedicated instead to finding you the right dog. These are principles that we can really buy into here at SEO Enterprise, as we understand the importance of an honest approach when dealing with customers and clients.

We’re all incredibly excited to start working together, and we’ll be taking care of Protection Dogs’ SEO, keyword research and content management from now on. We’ll be providing them with a range of services that will improve their Google ranking and get those customers flooding in!

If you’re looking to increase your own online presence and would like some more information how we can help, please contact us to discuss our range of SEO services!

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