Welcome on Board Northwest Wholesale Cosmetics and Fitness Training Solutions

We did say we had lovely new clients this month to introduce you to, and here’s another two. Fitness Training Solutions are dedicated to training and developing people from all backgrounds, through the use of face to face and online courses which are fully accredited and recognised by employers. We’re reckoning that this New Year, coupled with our expertise, will see Fitness Training Solutions do really well and we’re happy to have them on board with us.

Northwest Cosmetics have been around for over 30 years, and are one of the few makeup companies that know their customers want to look and feel good whilst using the makeup they buy. Northwest prices are really low, and they don’t charge through the roof prices for their products. They’re current, fashionable, fun, and we’re really pleased to have them on board. We are excited about the possibilities available with Northwest, and hopefully we will see both of these clients do really well.

We’re doing both of these clients SEO and marketing, and are looking forward to what results we are to see from the partnership. We love how varied our clients are, and love that we have so many clients on board with us now! Hard work really does pay off!

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