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Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook Account

Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook Account

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook is by far the most used social networking site out there. Being popular has its downsides though; social media sites are now a huge target for hackers. To keep your information safe online we’re going to share with you a few ways in which hackers find their way into your Facebook accounts, so you can help protect yourself against cyber crooks:

  1. Phishing: Still the most common form of digital assault carried out by hackers. After making a fake login page that resembles the Facebook page, hackers send an email asking users to login. Once the user has logged into the fake page the hacker can now download the content documentation and get their hands on the user’s accreditations.
  2. Keylogging: This technique is so deadly even those who are computer savvy can still fall for it. A keylogger is a small programme that records everything that the victim types on their computer once it has been installed. The hacker can then access the logs by either TP or directly to the hacker’s email.
  3. Stealers: Stored passwords are a convenient way of accessing important websites without having to enter your username and password each time. Convenient, yet dangerous – stealers can access your saved passwords stored in browser.
  4. Session Hijacking: In a session hijacking attack the hackers steals the user’s browser cookies. These cookies are used to authenticate a user on a website and uses it to access a victims account.
  5. Side Jacking/Firesheep: Be careful when you take your laptop down to your local café to borrow the WIFI; side jacking is a popular method of stealing someone’s access to a website, typically through wireless public networks.

Make sure you take care of your business online by installing firewalls on your computers, laptops and mobile devices so that any hacking attempt can be thwarted. Make sure you update firewalls and software regularly to stay one step ahead of changes in hacking software. With your social media safe you can concentrate on furthering your business reach through SEO. Manchester based SEO Enterprise are here to help you with any SEO needs you may have.

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