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Visiting Buddha Beauty

Visiting Buddha Beauty

One of our clients, Buddha Beauty, invited our copywriters for a facial each and a test of some of their gorgeous products and of course they jumped at the chance! They were talking about it all week, and by the time Thursday came around they were well and truly raring to go! Here’s what happened…
Beth and I left the office around 12 as we needed petrol and we also needed to make sure we knew the way we were meant to go! Beth’s SatNav wasn’t working (or so she thought – turns out it wasn’t plugged into the car!) so we had to reply on my expert direction skills (“Beth, seriously just get us under that grey bridge, I know the way from there…” “BUT THERE ARE LANES! WHICH LANE!?”) and eventually we made it in one piece.

Buddha is really tiny, and it’s hidden down a little cobbled lane down the sides of two shop son Beech Road in Chorlton but the setting suits it perfectly. It’s white washed and has lots of natural quirks which make it even more quaint. Once you go in, you see truly how tiny it really is. It’s literally the little chillout area with gorgeous blue velvet armchairs, then two rooms off that. There’s a little staff kitchen and bathroom, and the counter, and that’s it. It’s all white washed inside too, and the products are all against one wall displayed really elegantly. There was beautiful relaxing music playing, nature sounds and panpipe type music which was perfect. I’ll take that over Capital FM banging any day. One thing I noticed straightaway was that there were no nasty smells, like that of acrylic or fake tan (we’ve all smelt like a biscuit at some point or another…) or cleaning products. It just smelt really neutral and calm. There was absolutely no assault on the senses whatsoever.

The entire space had a feeling of tranquillity straightaway. It was quiet, soothing, no loud talking. I love a good natter and a cackle in the salon when I get my nails done but this experience was a whole new world for me and I welcomed it. The staff were natural beauties, and as much as I love my oversized eyebrows (don’t judge me) the girls there were just flawless and they had pretty much zero makeup on. They even moved about the salon in a quiet way. The owner Llewelyn was so welcoming and friendly, and he talked us through the products we were so enthusiastically rubbing into ourselves. Everything is vegan, completely cruelty free and full to bursting with natural essential oils and extracts. The candles are all made with plant wax and soy wax so that there’s no horrible acrid burning smell and ensures a clean burn. We took big lungfuls of each product and were really surprised to learn that some of the big names in the candle industry use cheap wax and other not-so-great ingredients.

It was time then for our treatments. We each had an express facial which was actually incredible. If that is the shortest and cheapest facial available, I am totally ready for the most luxurious of the facials! The bed was comfortable and not rickety like I’ve seen in some salons, the walls were decorated with murals of rainforests and waterfalls which might sound cliché but actually really made the experience a whole immersive one. The lights were dimmed and room was just the right temperature, and the lady giving me the treatment was even quiet as she rolled her little stool across the floor. The little details were so thoughtful and really helped the process. My face felt so relaxed, all the muscles were at ease and I just felt calm and really peaceful. I’ve had facials at other places and while the staff are lovely, I don’t really want to discuss life while I’m trying to drift off to a nice quiet spot in my head.

We had time to gather ourselves afterwards, and then we got some products to take home with us which was so amazing. Our relationship with Buddha Beauty is solid and we really value them as a client, and when a client is true to their craft and lives the lifestyle of their industry it makes us proud to have them on board with us. We love doing SEO, of course we do, and so when we have great relationships with our clients it makes our job that little bit happier!

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