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The Value Of SEO In The Long-Term

The Value Of SEO In The Long-Term

When it comes to promoting your business through social media, it doesn’t take too long for you to realise whether something is working or not. This means that you might enter the social media game with expectations of immediate results and return on investment, because you’re able to quickly adapt your techniques to find what works for your business.

Unfortunately, SEO just doesn’t work like that- and any agency promising you unbelievably fast results is just trying to sell you an unattainable dream. SEO can take a long time to really start showing you some positive results, but these are incredible results that you’re unable to get through any other marketing strategy.

But if SEO can be a bit of a slow-burner, isn’t you’re money better invested in a quicker and easier method? We’re going to run you through the true value of SEO in the long-term, so that you can understand how fundamentally flawed such a question is:


SEO isn’t just about getting improving the traffic of your website, because you need to make absolutely sure that it’s the right people that are finding you. When people are looking for a specific product or service, for example “red football boots”, then you’re going to want to be top of the search engines when someone types in those words. By improving your keyword visibility, your website will be found by people looking for exactly what you’re offering- which means you can expect an improvement in your conversion and bounce rates. But, as we said earlier, it takes time for those keywords to become ranked when SEO is done properly, so patience is key!

Conversion Rates

When all’s said and done, every single form of marketing is geared towards improving your conversion rates and the amount of money your company is making. If your marketing fails to do this, then it’s a complete waste of time. For example, you might be getting lots of engagement on social media, but if no one is actually going to your site and converting then what’s the point? SEO is exactly the same. Too many business owners, and other digital marketing agencies, make the mistake of thinking that SEO is all about rankings, when in fact they need to be paying more attention to the number of conversions in order to judge something as a success. Of course, SEO improves your ranking which will therefore boost your conversions, which is the whole reason you’re probably looking into SEO in the first place.

Our Case Studies

So now you should know the basics of why SEO is so valuable in the long run, and you’re going to start looking for a reputable SEO agency to take care of things for you. Well, we aren’t all talk here at SEO Enterprise, as we have a catalogue of case studies that showcase how we can help you achieve the results outlined above. We’ve helped transform businesses that have been driven to their knees into unbelievable success stories; improved conversion rates ten-fold on websites that were previously lost in the wilderness; we could sit here all night and tell you about the huge amounts of page one’s we’ve achieved. If you think this all sounds too good to be true, then head over to our case studies page now!

SEO is absolutely vital for any business that wants to become an online success story. By providing you with a boost to your conversion rates and website traffic, we’re here to offer the best SEO in Manchester!

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