Valent Roofing Ltd

We’ve been working with Valent Roofing for just over 18 months now, after they came on board the SEO Enterprise towards the end of 2016. Following an incredible amount of hard work on the part of our SEO technicians, it’s fair to say we’re more than happy with what we’ve achieved so far on this campaign.

The Client 

Based in Manchester, Valent are the leading providers of industrial roofing services in the North West, specialising in both installation and maintenance. They’ve worked on some absolutely massive projects all over the North of England- from train stations, hospitals and everything in between- so you’re bound to have seen their work somewhere!

Roofing is an incredibly competitive industry in the Manchester area, and industrial roofing is certainly no different. The guys at Valent recognised the importance of investing in SEO and strengthening their online presence, and we were all incredibly excited to take on such a challenging campaign.

The Results


Our first full year on the campaign saw some really impressive results, with a significant increase in the amount of organic traffic coming to their site. 2017 saw well over 1700 visitors come to their website, which was a 7.9% increase on the year before. But what’s really impressive is that over 60% of these visitors came through organic search, which is an increase of 20.74% on 2016.

The number of users reaching the contact us page (and therefore most likely to convert by picking up the phone) also saw a significant increase, while the number of unique visitors attracted to the site also saw a huge spike in 2017.

SEO takes time and commitment, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing such steady, consistent results after so much hard work.


Valent also have their primary keyword “industrial roofing Manchester” nestled nicely on page 1 of Google, along with a whole host of other fantastic page 1 rankings that are responsible for increasing the amount of organic traffic. With improved rankings and better traffic figures, it’s fair to say 2017 was a good year for SEO Enterprise and Valent Roofing.

What Next?

However, we’re aiming to do even better in 2018, and we’re happy to see that we’re already bettering the figures we were achieving this time last year. Although we’re only a third of the way through the year, we’re absolutely delighted to see that 72% of web traffic has come through organic search in 2018.

But it’s our desire to improve on these figures even further that makes us the leading providers of SEO in Manchester. 2018 could be a very big year for this campaign indeed- so watch this space!