Trains From Hell


Main Keywords: Train Delay Compensation

Most people understand this concept but when it comes to getting a refund, or compensation, for a service, such as public transport, most of us don’t understand our rights.

Well one of our newest client’s is here to change all that. Trains From Hell provide a revolutionary Train Delay App which allows you to claim money back if your train is cancelled or delayed. Did you know you could do that? No, us neither!

The Train Delay App is the UK’s first app that allows you to claim compensation for inadequate train services, electronically. Usually, the task involves printing out a form, filling it in, posting it and waiting for your refund – something that the general public are, more often than not, unlikely to bother with. That’s if they even know about it in the first place!

It’s a really simple process too. Once you have downloaded the app from the store you can upload your ticket, monitor your train and route for possible delays or cancellations, and make a quick electronic claim.

We think it’s such an amazing idea. We’re all aware of how frustrating the train service is here in the UK and with daily commuters spending hundreds of pounds per month, why should you pay for a service you don’t receive? You can download the app free from the App Store and they’re looking to make it available for Android very soon. We’re thrilled to be working with them and to be helping them spread the word about getting you the refund you deserve!