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Top Tips for Improving SEO of your WordPress site

Top Tips for Improving SEO of your WordPress site

Search Engine optimisation is the handy tool that improves your websites visibility online. SEO ensures that the Googlebot trawling the web finds your website and places it high on Google search. If it can’t find your WordPress business website you won’t be indexed, and you’ll have no way for people to find you unless they know your URL or business name.

Don’t worry. There are key SEO tools that help you give natural searchers and Google what they’re searching for. Here are some of the main tools and tips to improve your SEO and help people find your site:

  1. Yoast: This component rich plugin gives instant analytic feedback on your content, if your keyword placement follows accepted procedures, and makes sure your images are legitimate. It essentially lets you see what Google sees, so you can ensure you’re displaying your website accurately.
  2. Enhance images with ALT tags: Great images improve user experience, so ensure Google can discover them by using keyword rich titles.
  3. Utilise WordPress categories deliberately: Labels and categories help you compose related posts. They also give snippets of information to the reader about the content of the article and make it simpler for visitors to discover applicable posts on similar subjects.
  4. Avoid duplicate content: using a duplicate item description across separate pages, no matter how closely related the pages are. Each URL needs individual content otherwise you’ll be punished by Google.
  5. Powerful Permalinks: blog titles containing numbers are appealing to readers, enticing them to read more. Keep your titles short and utilise hyphens. Don’t use underscores as Google sees these as an augmentation of the words which confounds the bots and diminishes your page rank.
  6. Keyword Stuffing: Your keywords must always fit naturally into your content. Resist the urge to cram a blog with as many keywords as you can as this will only diminish the power of the content. There are keyword generation tools available that perform well with WordPress and will help get you to the highest position on Google search.

SEO Enterprise will give your website a free health check, as well as advising on what benefits your company can achieve through SEO.

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