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Top tips for local SEO in 2020


Top tips for local SEO in 2020

For small businesses in the UK local SEO is an essential and powerful tool. If you fail to optimise your site properly for local searches you can end up missing out on 80% of your potential customers, all of which are searching for what you provide.

Here we share some of the top tips you should know if you want to properly optimise your website for local searches:

Boost your internal link structure

We see a lot of people focus too much on external links and neglect their internal links. Obviously, external links are important for your SEO, but internal links help support your website navigation, assist with information architecture and website hierarchy and distribute page authority and ranking power amongst pages.

Create local content

With the emergence of smarter search engines, content creators are able to write copy focusing directly on their customers, not just attempting to appease the search engine requirements.

Writing about general topics may draw a crowd but can often fail to attract the right audience, which is why you need to focus your content. You can do this by writing about local news and events or covering industry news that local audiences will be involved in.

Add location pages

If your business has more than one physical location it is important to add location pages to your site. These pages give information that is unique to each store: address, phone number, store hours, as well as promotions and customer testimonials.

Mobile Friendly

With so many local searches happening via mobile devices it is essential that your site is optimised properly for mobile. The most common searches are directions to your stores, reviews of products and contact information so make sure all of this is easy to find.   

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