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Top Tips for a Christmas SEO Campaign

Top Tips for a Christmas SEO Campaign

An SEO campaign is often approached as an ongoing marketing effort and does not typically change with the time of year. With this said, some businesses can benefit from a focused seasonal campaign rather than a full-time approach as their services may become incredibly popular during the festive months. Luckily, the team here at SEO Enterprise understand the importance of seasonal campaigns. Read on as we go over some top tips that will ensure that Christmas optimisation will lead to effective results…

What are seasonal keywords?

The keywords that are targeted during a traditional SEO campaign are often generic, however the festive season means that technicians should try and target consumer-based phrases instead. After all, the keywords ‘gift’, ‘price’ and ‘ideas’ are popular during the last quarter of the year as many people put their trust in the search engine to try and help them find suitable presents. Luckily, high-quality seasonal SEO efforts can direct them to the client’s website if suitable keywords are chosen.

When should a Christmas SEO campaign start?

Since SEO is typically renowned as a continuous marketing method, it is important that seasonal websites are prepared to put in the graft in ahead of the Christmas period. In fact, keywords should be powered by high-quality content from August onwards as this gives the technician at least four months to build a relationship with the search engine and increase a websites presence in the SERPs.

What happens to the content after Christmas?

When an SEO campaign is carried out specifically for the Christmas period, it is not uncommon for these ranking changes to diminish over the months that follow. After all, search engine optimisation is not a marketing approach that is typically paused for months at a time like PPC can be. With this said, the content and landing pages should be kept on the site as they will be important during the following Christmas period.

When it comes to SEO, it is important to remember that the techniques can take several months to show in the SERPs, particularly when it comes to focused Christmas SEO campaigns. After all, many people start to carry out the majority of their seasonal shopping during November and December which means that preparation is incredibly important. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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