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The SEO Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

The SEO Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

Whether we want to accept it or not, the world has become very reliant on mobile and handheld technology. In fact, 95% of people in a 2018 survey said that they owned a smartphone and this increase in use means that the way we approach search engine optimisation must adapt in accordance. After all, more searches than ever are being carried out from smartphones and a website that is not equipped for such a platform can be negatively impacted in the SERPs. Read on to find out the SEO benefits of having a mobile friendly website…

Google Algorithms

In 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm that made mobile responsiveness a key factor in the ranking results that a website would receive. Officially dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’, the change forced many existing websites to make their site mobile friendly in order to avoid ranking penalisations or tarnishing their trust with the search engine. As a result, a website that is optimised for mobile search queries can be very beneficial in an SEO campaign as it ensures that it works in accordance with the algorithm and any alterations that may be made.

Organic Traffic

Since statistics suggest that around 55% of Google searches are carried out on a smartphone, mobile optimisation could also help improve the organic traffic that a website receives. After all, the aim of an SEO campaign is to convert new organic visitors to a website into paying customers. With this said, many businesses often lose valuable traffic to competitors because their website simply isn’t mobile friendly.


A website that isn’t optimised for use on a smartphone will often load much slower. With much of technology available at our fingertips in the 21st century, users will get tired of waiting very quickly and recent studies suggest that the average user will wait 6-10 seconds before abandoning ship. As a result, it is clear to see that mobile friendliness can play a huge role in a websites ability to retain the attention of a user.

When it comes to an SEO campaign, it is important to approach a website from every angle and ensure that the results are as affective as they can be. After all, the entire industry adapts with each updated Google algorithm or new piece of technology. To find out more information about why it is important to optimise a website for mobile use, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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