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The Lowdown on White Hat SEO

The Lowdown on White Hat SEO

Here at SEO Enterprise, we spend a lot of time on the research phase in order to develop the most effective campaign possible. After all, it is essential that the methods used by a technician are tailored towards the company in question, the services they offer and the budget that is available. With this said, it is also vital that white-hat approaches are the only thing utilised during a campaign in order to keep it as ethical as possible. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about white-hat SEO…

What is white hat SEO?

In the world of SEO, there is the white-hat side and the black-hat side and these are used in order to separate the ethical approaches from the bad ones. In fact, the names that we use in the 21st century date back to old fashioned movies where the bad guys used to wear a black hat and the good guys used to wear a white hat. In the same respect, white-hat SEO is the ethical and respectable way to conduct a campaign whereas black-hat SEO is the immoral way and should always be avoided.

What techniques are used in white hat SEO?

Since ethics are the philosophy of white-hat SEO, the techniques that are used are done so with the intention to build a relationship of mutual trust with the search engine. For example, white-hat SEO focuses on the implementation of high-quality, relevant and original content as this is the kind of material that Google uses in order to increase a website’s rank in the SERPs. In addition to this, the keywords that are powered in any content are done so with pre-thought in order to avoid contributing to spam.

What are the benefits of white hat SEO?

Whilst ethical approaches often take much longer to display results in the SERPS compared to black-hat methods, they are the most effective way to conduct a high-quality campaign without putting credibility at risk. In fact, these changes are more likely to stick around because the website is deemed trustworthy by the search engine. On the other hand, black-hat techniques put a site at risk of ranking penalisation and make it very difficult for Google to trust the content.

When it comes to SEO, it is important that a campaign is as ethical as possible. After all, there is nothing more damaging to a website and its ranking position than the implementation of black-hat techniques because they are considered unfair by search engines like Google, who does not take their use lightly. In fact, it is even possible for websites to be penalised harshly depending on the types of methods that are used which is why it is more effective to remain ethical and fair. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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