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The Lowdown on SEO Friendly Content

The Lowdown on SEO Friendly Content

In recent years, the SEO industry has undergone a quality revolution as more and more technicians are choosing to abandon black-hat methods in favour of ethical approaches. In fact, content is now considered ‘king’ within the industry and holds a lot of power when it comes to the way that search engines like Google assess a site and rank it in the SERPS. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about SEO friendly content…

Why is content important in SEO?

Search engine optimisation works by implementing a variety of different methods in order to build a relationship with the search engine and encourage it to increase the website’s ranking in the SERPs. One of these approaches involves the use of high-quality content that is optimised in order to yield the most effective results without pulling the wool over the search engine’s eyes. After all, content is what the spiders search when they analyse a website which is why it must be as ethical as possible to avoid ranking penalisations.

What are the components of high-quality content?

Crafting content that is optimised specifically for SEO must be done in accordance with the search engine and its algorithms. After all, there is a very fine line between high-quality information and spammy text that is incomprehensible to the user. For example, high-quality content should be relevant to the query of the user which means that any information on a website should have a strong link with the services they provide. This allows the search engine to trust a site and recognise that it will yield promising results. In addition to this, the content must always be original and crafted with ethics in mind as it is very easy to fall into the habit of utilising black-hat techniques.

Can poor-quality content affect an SEO campaign?

Utilising content for SEO must involve well-written blogs and articles as it is not uncommon for technicians to over-optimise a piece of writing. In fact, there are several black-hat techniques that can be utilised within content and they often provide unethical results when used. For example, content is used to power keywords, however, using too many of them within a single page of content is known as keyword stuffing. This makes the information difficult to read because the phrases are literally forced into the text and whilst they will provide SEO results, this method is considered unethical and should always be avoided.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that ethical approaches are the only way that a campaign should be ran. After all, there is nothing more counterproductive than implementing black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing into a campaign when the focus should be on writing high-quality, relevant and original content. To find out more information about the role that content plays in SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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