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The Lowdown on Organic Traffic

The Lowdown on Organic Traffic

Since the SEO industry is an internet-based enterprise it is constantly changing, and this means that new ideas are introduced each day that have the potential to alter the way that technicians approach a campaign entirely. For example, organic traffic plays a very important role in the industry as it is the one thing that technicians are trying to achieve and this can influence the techniques that are implemented and the content that is written. Here at SEO Enterprise, we approach every campaign ethically, that is why organic traffic is always taken into consideration. Read on as we go over everything you need to know…

What is organic traffic?

When users visit a website, they are separated into two different types in the analytics: organic and direct. The latter is defined as those who type a link to the website directly into the search bar or click on a hyperlink that takes them to the landing page of the website whereas organic traffic is the visitors that are gained from the SERPs. In layman’s terms, these are the users that ‘stumble’ across a website after typing a specific keyword in the search bar and they are found based on relevance and ranking positions rather than through paid promotions and advertisements.

Is organic traffic important in SEO?

The aim of every SEO campaign is to increase the organic traffic that a website receives because this means that a website is more likely to turn these visitors in conversions and generate business from the clicks. In fact, the entire search engine optimisation industry is based around the idea of organic traffic as it is the most cost-effective way to improve a websites search engine presence and effectively allows it to become valuable to the likes of Google in the process.

How is organic traffic created?

There are many different ways that organic traffic can be generated, however, the most effective approach that a technician can take is to focus on the content of the site. After all, users are more likely to click on a site when it ranks well in the SERPs for a variety of different keywords and this is done by providing search engines like Google with high-quality, relevant and original content to crawl. Over time, these pages will encourage Google to trust a website and rank it accordingly in the SERPs, allowing organic users to visit it more frequently.

When it comes to organic traffic, it is vital that SEO technicians stick to ethical white-hat techniques. After all, organic results are gained by ranking at a high position in the SERPs and using unfair methods in order to achieve this often lands websites in hot water with the search engines. For example, Google have introduced many algorithm updates that are specifically tailored to the penalisation of SEO campaigns that favour unethical methods to increase the organic traffic of a website. To find out more information about organic traffic, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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