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The Lowdown on Grey-Hat SEO

The Lowdown on Grey-Hat SEO

In order to succeed in the SEO industry and deliver a high-quality campaign, it is important that a technician can tell the difference between white-hat and black-hat practices. After all, ethical campaigns use white-hat methods whereas black-hat techniques are considered unfair and penalised by the search engine. With this said, grey-hat SEO is determined to rock the boat and change our perception of the internet marketing practice all-together. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise go over everything there is to know…

What is grey-hat SEO?

Since grey is the colour that is made when white and black are mixed together in a paint pallet, the namesake of grey-hat SEO makes logical sense. After all, this practice involves the use of methods in an SEO campaign that are only considered ‘legal’ because the search engine has yet to pick up on them. Interestingly, the methods employed in grey-hat SEO are said to be just as manipulative as black-hat methods and may one day be considered as such.

Which SEO techniques are considered grey hat?

There is a fine line between white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO and that is where the grey-hat techniques sit. For example, SEO ‘squatting’ is a grey-hat method that involves a technician buying expired and unused domains that are relevant to their campaign and filling them with content in order to add backlinks to the intended site. Whilst this may seem beneficial, it is not the most ethical way to create backlinks and doesn’t mean that technicians should take advantage of it.

Should grey-hat SEO be used during an ethical campaign?

Since grey-hat methods, like the one listed above, involve intentionally manipulating the search engine algorithms, it is only a matter of time before they are considered black-hat techniques themselves. This means that any websites that have utilised them may be penalised harshly in the rankings. As a result, ethical SEO technicians and white-hat campaigns should never consider the use of grey-hat techniques.

The use of grey-hat SEO is widely debated amongst technicians as some consider it perfectly acceptable to implement whilst others believe that it should be avoided at all cost. Here at SEO Enterprise, we choose to utilise ethical white-hat methods at all times as these methods yield reliable and long-term results. To find out more information about the different types of SEO practices, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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