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The Lowdown on Conversions in SEO


The Lowdown on Conversions in SEO

The aim of any ethical SEO campaign is to increase the amount of organic traffic that a website obtains by encouraging the search engine to increase its ranking in the SERPs. After all, this is more likely to create what is known as a conversion and provides business owners with a favourable ROI (Return on Investment) that will allow them to see the potential benefits of online marketing. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about conversions in SEO…

What is an SEO conversion?

There are several ways that a conversion can be defined in internet marketing, however most SEO technicians prefer to see it as the end-result that is obtained when a customer makes a purchase on a website after finding it organically in the SERPs. With this said, it is important to take into consideration that these customers can also return which is why business owners should always stay in contact with existing clients even after they have become a conversion.

What influences the conversion rate?

The conversion rate can be calculated by comparing the number of visitors that a website receives to the number of visitors who complete a desired end-goal, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. In fact, this figure can be found fairly easily in Google Analytics. It is used in order to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign and allow SEO technicians to make any appropriate changes. After all, the conversion rate can be influenced by the ranking of a website, the wording of content and even the aesthetical design of a site.

How long does it take to create SEO conversions?

It is safe to say that SEO is not a marketing technique for the impatient. After all, it can take several months of consistent changes in order to create a long-lasting relationship with a search engine. As a result, business owners should expect to see their conversion rate to increase slowly but reliability, rather than drastically and haphazardly. 

Here at SEO Enterprise, we implement white-hat techniques in order to create a long-lasting relationship of trust with the search engine that will eventually lead to a favourable ranking in the SERPs. With this said, our end-goal is to provide our clients with conversions! To find out more information about what it takes to put together a high-quality SEO campaign, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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