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The Importance of User Friendly SEO

The Importance of User Friendly SEO

As the focus of SEO continues to change with each major algorithm update, it is important that technicians understand how a website is ranked in the SERPs. After all, the search engine carries out an in-depth analysis on a site, its content and the internet marketing methods that have been implemented in order to determine how trustworthy it is. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise explain why user-friendly SEO is so important…

It is safe to say that SEO is a fast-paced industry that can change direction almost overnight thanks to the algorithm updates that are implemented by the search engines. After all, the early days of the marketing practice where drastically different from the SEO we know and recognise today as many technicians would implement black-hat methods like keyword stuffing, link farms and duplicated content in order to manipulate the results. Luckily, the search engines caught on and implemented algorithms that placed emphasis on user experience which means that the user must now be taken into consideration as much as the search engine during a campaign in order to generate results.

Although user-focused SEO may sound complicated, it is actually rather easy to implement. After all, technicians just have to remember to consider the user during each campaign. For example, content should be optimised with the reader in mind in order to ensure that it is legible, relevant and original as this ensures that the implementation of SEO keywords do not affect the user experience. In addition to this, a website should also have a responsive speed as users tend to wait just minutes before leaving a slow-loading page and this can affect a website’s bounce rate, organic traffic and conversions.

A campaign that is optimised for the user is more likely to reach the top spot in the SERPs and it is vital that SEO technicians understand the importance of user-friendly techniques. After all, the search engine algorithms actively crawl a webpage in order to sought out user optimisation which means that high-quality content crafted with the user in mind will do more for a campaign than an abundance backlinks or PPC advertisements ever could.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we work hard in order to craft high-quality campaigns that will deliver the results that our clients expect. After all, the competition is fierce which means that only the best of the best will manage to rank at the top spot. Luckily, high-quality and ethical campaigns with user-friendly SEO disciplines are the most effective way to impress the search engine. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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