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The Importance of User Focused Content

The Importance of User Focused Content

Here at SEO Enterprise, we take pride in that fact that our campaigns are crafted specifically with a website in mind in order to offer our clients the best value for money. After all, many SEO technicians are stuck in the past and often place too much emphasis on the search engine algorithms whilst forgetting to take the importance of content into consideration. In fact, poor-quality content can destroy even the most consistent campaign! Read on as we go over a few reasons why it is important to write content for the user as well as the search engine…

What is user focused content?

For many years, SEO technicians would place a lot of emphasis on the creation of content that pleased the algorithms and since the rules were very relaxed during the early days of the SEO industry, many low-quality websites were able to increase the rank of their site. Nowadays, the search engines encourage copywriters to produce blogs and articles with the user in mind, known as user-focused content, and this means that the written information must be relevant, original and most importantly, coherent.

How do the search engine algorithms index page content?

When page content is written in the form of blogs and articles, it is crawled by the search engine spiders and indexed accordingly. In fact, it is actually possible to request an index from Google in order to ensure that time sensitive pages obtain the best results. With this said, the search engines often look for very specific components when it comes to indexing content which is why copywriters should make it easy to read and relevant to the services that are on offer. After all, the crawlers follow links on a page in order to discover more pages which is why keywords should be used wisely.

Can poor-quality content affect a website’s ranking?

Content should always be written with both the algorithms and the user in mind. After all, user-focused content is the implementation of several components in order to ensure that the person reading the information is able to benefit from it. In fact, crafting this type of content can actually improve the rank of a website as the algorithms themselves favour high-quality text that is aimed at the user. On the other hand, low-quality content is often viewed as spam and often leads to ranking penalisations.

It is safe to say that the SEO industry is one of the most adaptable industries around. After all, it is less than 30 years old but has already undergone a variety of strict regime changes in order to ensure that the most ethical and high-quality websites managed to rank at the top spot. In fact, content was once optimised solely for the search engine algorithms and stuffed with irrelevant keywords in order to tick the appropriate boxes. Luckily, SEO content must now be coherent, original and always written with the user in mind. To find out more information about our copywriting process, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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