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The Importance of User Experience in SEO

The Importance of User Experience in SEO

When an SEO campaign is put together, it is vital that technicians recognise the importance of user experience as it is one of the most fundamental yet routinely side-lined components. After all, search engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on the way that a user can interact with a website which means that, more often than not, it can influence the way that it is ranked in the SERPs. Here at SEO Enterprise, we strive for greatness when it comes to formulating a campaign and, in this blog, we’ve decided to go over a few reasons why user experience is so important in our industry. Read on to find out more…

Why is the user important in SEO?

The user is the name given to the individual who visits an online website and since these are potential customers, it is vital that they are provided with the best experience possible. After all, technology is at the focus of everything in the 21st century which is why page optimisation should be taken into consideration during an SEO campaign in order to deliver a promising Return on Investment (ROI).

How long do users stay on a website?

According to research, the average internet user will remain on a website for 10-20 seconds and this means that there is a lot of pressure on optimisers in order to ensure that the site makes the best first impression. After all, user experience is influenced by a variety of different components, including page speed, ease of use and quality. As a result, a user that doesn’t feel like they are being provided with the most effective experience is very likely to jump ship, reducing potential conversions in the process.

What techniques can improve user experience?

The way that a website is optimised for use can say a lot about the experience that a user is going to receive. For instance, a slow and glitchy website is going to make it difficult for users to access the information they require and, in a world where technology is at our fingertips, very few users are willing to wait for these sites to load. In addition to this, it is important to use keywords wisely as overwhelming the user can make text very difficult to read and is actually known as keyword stuffing, a black-hat technique.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that an SEO campaign should tick every box in order to garner the best results. After all, high-quality content will make very little difference if it is overshadowed by poor user experience as search engines want to visitors to be able to find what they want in the most effective and fastest way possible. To find out more information about emphasising user experience in SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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