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The Disadvantages of PPC Marketing

The Disadvantages of PPC Marketing

One of the biggest internet marketing competitors SEO must face is PPC marketing, which stands for Pay Per Click. These campaigns use a model that involves listing an advertisement at the top of the SERPs for certain keywords and paying a set fee every time a user clicks on it to visit the site. Unfortunately, it isn’t as effective as many industry experts make it out to be. Read on as we go over some of the disadvantages of PPC marketing…


The best way to understand PPC marketing is to imagine a pot of money that is dedicated to funding a campaign. Each time a user clicks on an advertisement, a fee is deducted from this budget regardless of whether or not they make a purchase or enquire about the services on offer. This process continues until the money pot runs out. As a result, PPC marketing can be incredibly expensive to fund because businesses may have to continue funding their efforts when their budget is depleted.


When the budget for PPC runs out or a campaign comes to an end, the advertisement for a website will be removed from the very top of the SERPs. This means that the position is only temporary because a user clicking on a site from PPC efforts doesn’t have much of an impact on its organic listing like SEO does. Many businesses are deceived by this because the idea of having a listing above the site that is ranked number one in the SERPs can be appealing, but it is entirely possible for competitors with larger budgets to take over it once a campaign comes to an end.


SEO creates long-lasting, organic results that will stick around for as long as a campaign is run ethically and consistently. On the other hand, PPC marketing is unreliable because the organic rank of a site is not improved by the implementation of banners and advertisements. In addition to this, there is no guarantee that a user will make a purchase after clicking on a site which means that an entire PPC campaign could drain a business’s marketing budget without any Return on Investment (ROI).

The most popular method of implementing PPC marketing is through the use of Google AdWords. After all, the Google search engine is the most popular option for the majority of users so this approach is more likely to provide business owners with results. With this said, Pay Per Click is best implemented alongside organic methods like SEO rather than individually in order to obtain the very best results in the SERPs. To find out more information about superiority of SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today.

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