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The Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

The Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

In layman’s terms, authority in SEO is a measure of how much a website, its social media, and its blog affects the overall visibility of the site in the SERPs. It is incredibly important in any ethical campaign because the aim of search engine optimisation is to increase authority through the creation of high-quality content. With this said, there are two different types that must be taken into consideration: domain authority and page authority. Read on as we go over the difference…

Domain Authority

The strength of an entire web domain is known as ‘domain authority’ and this takes a lot of different pages into consideration in order to provide an authoritative answer. With this said, you cannot directly increase domain authority because it is a slow process that takes place with consistency and ethicality. High-quality content with a tight linking structure is a great way to encourage more domain authority, and inbound links that point to relevant locations will also ensure that a site has a higher chance of ranking well in the SERPs. There are many different ways to encourage domain authority which makes it much more flexible to carry out compared to page authority, however, it is also more time-consuming.

Page Authority

When targeting the strength of a specific page in SEO, this is known as page authority. It can be influenced in a variety of different ways such as by creating detailed, relevant, and original content, ensuring that a page is optimised for both SEO and the user, obtaining internal or inbound links and, finally, removing any bad links that may exist.

Interestingly, many of the rules that apply to page authority are similar to those that apply to domain authority. This is because the aims may be different but both forms can benefit one another because obtaining domain authority will actually increase page authority. With this said, page authority is a much faster process to carry out which gives technicians a technical advantage.

Every reliable SEO company should be able to explain the difference between domain authority and page authority. After all, they are held in high regard during a campaign and can play an important role in the way that a site is ranked in the SERPs. For all your SEO needs, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today.

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