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The Biggest SEO Mistakes Still Made in 2019

The Biggest SEO Mistakes Still Made in 2019

Ever since the concept of search engine optimisation was developed in the 90s, it has undergone drastic changes. After all, the way that we approach the marketing tool has become incredibly complex and the search engines themselves are striving to ensure that the playing field offers equal opportunities for every business owner.  Here at SEO Enterprise, it is our mission to stay on top of the industry and ensure that we don’t make any mistakes during a campaign. With this said, both beginners and experienced SEO technicians alike are still making many mistakes, even in 2019. Read on as we go through the top three…

How important is content?

A long time ago, SEO placed a lot of focus on reusing popular content that managed to make a lot of difference to the way that a website ranked in the SERPs. This outdated trend has now been replaced with a focus on high-quality, relevant content that is completely original because the search engines have specific algorithms that cipher through information in order to rank websites based on how relevant they are to a user’s search query. Unfortunately, some technicians are still recycling old content rather than writing fresh which means that they are susceptible to ranking penalisations.

Why are black-hat techniques so faux-pas?

Derived from American western movies, black hat is the name given to a set of SEO techniques that are considered unethical because they tip the scale and give the technicians that use them an unfair advantage. Although they are considered a faux-pas due to this, some technicians still utilise them during a campaign in order to gain an upper hand over their competition. Luckily, the search engines have grown in intelligence and their algorithms now target those who utilise unfair tactics like link farming, keyword stuffing and duplicated content in order to penalise them accordingly.

Are technological developments influential?

As the SEO industry developed, other areas of technology have also developed. For example, social media, which was introduced during the mid-00s, has changed the way that we browse the web completely as many websites are now available through direct links and this means that many campaigns also implement social media marketing alongside SEO. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of voice control means that very few people are typing search queries into Google which could change the SEO industry as a whole. As a result, failing to prepare for the development of technology and how it can change SEO can have ripple effects on a campaign in the future.

An SEO campaign requires attention to detail and awareness of the industry. After all, search engines like Google implement new algorithm changes on a regular basis in order to target even the smallest loophole and ensure that user experience remains the number one priority when ranking websites in the SERPs. To find out more information about the correct way to approach an SEO campaign in 2019, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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