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The Benefits of Sheer SEO

The Benefits of Sheer SEO

Every experienced SEO technician understands the importance of using online tools in order to understand the results of their methods. After all, analytics can say a lot about the success of a campaign and how it can be adapted in order to generate the results that the client is hoping for. Sheer SEO is a piece of online software that allows technicians to track live ranking changes and the audience that a website is engaging. Read on as we go over the benefits of using it during a campaign…

What is Sheer SEO?

As a piece of software, Sheer SEO is a lot more than the average analytics site. After all, it collates all of the SEO information from a website into one place so that the data is easy and simple to find. In fact, Sheer SEO goes one step further than organisation as it automatically saves directory submissions which offers business owners and SEO technicians alike the ability to assess their results without losing valuable pieces of information.

What features can be tracked using Sheer SEO?

Although it is possible to carry out a high-quality SEO campaign using alternative tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush or Woorank, the data that is provided by Sheer SEO is difficult to compete with. For example, technicians can track their Google ranking results, carry out keyword research using the Keyword Planner, assess and view the backlinks that a site has managed to obtain and even track the competition that they are up against all in one place.

How expensive is Sheer SEO?

Perhaps the only drawback that Sheer SEO has is that it is not a free service that SEO technicians can take advantage of which means that every campaign cannot obtain the same detailed report of results. After all, the software works on a monthly subscriptions basis to offer technicians more detailed data depending on the price that they pay. With this said, it is possible to carry out a successful SEO campaign with free tools like Google Analytics.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that both free and paid for SEO software can provide technicians with vital information that can be used to improve a campaign. After all, some techniques work better than others, however it is impossible to know this without assessing data and analytics. To find out more information about using Sheer SEO during an SEO campaign, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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