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The Benefits of Content Marketing

The Benefits of Content Marketing

As a sub-category of the internet marketing industry, a high-quality content marketing campaign is important for any business owner that wants to get their website noticed by the search engine. After all, content is ‘king’ in SEO which is why a technician must always remember to power their methods with relevant, high-quality and consistent blogs, page content and articles. Read on as we go over three benefits of investing in a content marketing campaign…

Blog Exchanges

Since content marketing focuses on the creation of high-quality articles that are uploaded onto a website, it provides the opportunity for blog exchanges with other companies that offer a similar, but not identical, service. After all, this can create referral traffic by allowing visitors from the guest site to visit the intended site through the SEO friendly links that are typically added to content. In addition to this, relevant blog exchanges in content marketing can also create healthy backlinks that are favourable in SEO.

Organic Traffic

The most effective form of a traffic that a website can obtain is organic as this occurs when a user visits a website after finding it naturally in the SERPS from a keyword search. Since content marketing revolves around the creation of content that will be viewed by users, there is a big focus on relevance and other user-friendly qualities which are favoured by search engine algorithms. After all, well-ranked webpages are the most effective way to obtain organic traffic which means that well implemented content marketing can also contribute to a website’s SEO efforts.

Domain Authority

Every piece of content that is uploaded onto a website creates a new page for search engines like Google to crawl and index which means that content marketing often implements SEO friendly characteristics like relevance into the content. As a result, this can increase a websites domain authority, particularly if the site obtains inbound links from external sources, because it tells the search engine that a site can provide a user with expertise on a particular subject. In turn, a higher domain authority can also contribute to organic visibility in the SERPs.

Many people presume that SEO itself is content marketing; however, the two principles differ from each other considerably. After all, content marketing involves the creation and distribution of online material like blogs, videos and social media posts in order to build a brand and stimulate interest from potential buyers whereas SEO is the implementation of ethical methods that are used in order to build a relationship with a search engine and encourage ranking increases. With this said, SEO does employ a similar focus on relevant, high-quality and legible content. To find out more information about the benefits of content marketing alongside SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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