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The Benefits of a National SEO Campaign

The Benefits of a National SEO Campaign

There are two types of approaches in SEO that govern the way that technicians will implement certain techniques: local and national campaigns. As the name suggests, a local campaign will focus on trying to encourage the search engine to rank a website in a particular area for more specific keywords, whereas a national campaign covers a much broader area of an industry. With this, there are undeniable benefits that businesses can obtain from investing in national SEO efforts. Read on as we go over the top three…

Increase your organic traffic

The aim of any SEO campaign is to increase organic traffic, and when you rank for less specific terms your website is a lot more likely to be found in the SERPs. For instance, ranking for a keyword like ‘kitchens’ puts you in great stead to obtain traffic from all over the country whereas ranking for a keyword like ‘kitchens London’ only allows you to target London-based users and/or customers. It can take a bit of time to reach this stage though, so patience is an important part of the process.

More opportunities for link-building

Link-building is the process of adding either internal links within one particular website or external links between two different but similar websites. It is an important part of marketing because the search engine sees these links as positive ranking factors as they ‘vouch’ for the quality of the site. A national SEO campaign opens a lot more doors because you can partake in blog exchanges with businesses across the country and build more reliable and high-quality links.

Efficient results in the SERPs

It may be counterproductive to say that a national campaign will produce much faster results in the SERPs since the keywords are a lot broader and therefore have a lot more competition to fight off, however the results that are generated are both efficient and reliable. When you manage to rank favourably with national efforts, you can rest assured that your website is the very best of the best.

Sure, a national SEO campaign may be more costly and require a lot more hours to be spent behind the scenes fine-tuning the back-end of a website, however the results are undeniably worth it. After all, ranking for broad keywords can actually improve your brand recognition and create a much more beneficial relationship with the search engine, thereby helping any local ranking factors as a result. To find out more information about national SEO, speak to a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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