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Tech meets uber tech: introducing FIS

Tech meets uber tech: introducing FIS


Here at SEO Enterprise, our engine room is full of smart, techy people who know their way around a complicated process or two. I mean, to the untrained eye SEO is an unfathomable web of mystery where you need to perform a secret knock just to learn the basics. It isn’t, but it is quite a complicated process nonetheless.

However, one of our newest clients is blowing us out of the water when it comes to providing intricate, high specification work, that takes some explaining.

FIS is an international provider of SMART technologies which work in conjunction with SAP processes to completely revolutionise the entire process; specifically, simplifying and streamlining invoice processing with SAP standard. Whilst the group has headquarters in Germany, we’re working with the UK division to help their brand over here.

If you’re new to the whole technology, like we were, it can be a little bit daunting to try and get your head around. Luckily, our team has been able to spend time learning about the processes and the technology from the guys at FIS who have been ever so patient and gracious with us.

Now we understand what the technology does, and how it can benefit so many businesses, we’re fully on board and have been busy crafting some targeted keywords, blogs and onsite optimisation to help them climb the ranks of Google. We’d like to officially welcome FIS to the SEO Enterprise family!

Learning and familiarising ourselves with such foreign and complicated information and industries is a testament to the hard work and discipline the team at SEO Enterprise put in every single day.

We are able to work with any industry or business and deliver our SEO services, no matter how intricate the subject matter is!



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