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Take A Look At Our Cheshire Metalcraft Testimonial!

Take A Look At Our Cheshire Metalcraft Testimonial!

It’s safe to say that we like to really look after our clients here at SEO Enterprise, and that’s why we’re always staying in contact with them and walking them through the SEO process. We want our clients to be happy working with us, and that involves inviting you in to see exactly what we do and how we work- so that you can see how good we are for yourselves!

Due to our emphasis on customer service and maintaining positive relationships with our clients, it’s always fantastic to hear when our efforts are truly appreciated. So we were delighted when one of our oldest clients, Cheshire Metalcraft, got in touch with us to let us know just how happy they were with the work we’ve been doing for them.

Cheshire Metalcraft are a gate company based nearby in Manchester, and they’ve been on board for a long time now- and it’s fair to say neither of us have looked back since! Our client is ranking on page 1 for a whole load of keywords, while their website traffic and bounce rate is improving all the time.

Our SEO work is ultimately leading to more people finding their site, picking up the phone and making conversions, which will in turn make them more successful. We’ve also recently started some new work on the Cheshire Metalcraft social media, which we believe will lead to even more enquiries as we raise awareness of their brand.

Delighted with the results of their SEO campaign, Cheshire Metalcraft got in touch with us to let us know just how impressed they were, telling us that they’d been able to turn off their Google AdWords for a while because they simply didn’t think they needed them anymore. They’re evidently delighted with what we’ve achieved here at SEO Enterprise, since they’ve seen a significant improvement in their bounce and conversion rates.

We’ve always placed an emphasis on building a rapport with our clients and getting to know them as well as we can, and this is certainly apparent with Cheshire Metalcraft. This positive relationship ultimately allows us to provide positive results- so it really is a win-win for all involved!

We’re obviously extremely happy to receive such kind words from one of our clients, and we can guarantee that our hard work will continue into the future as we achieve even better results! They’re an absolutely fantastic client, and we’re pleased they’ve been able to benefit from the best SEO in Manchester!


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