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Surprise WikiLeaks

Surprise WikiLeaks

Oh dear, it looks like Google will be crossed off WikiLeaks Christmas card list this year after the search engine giants disclosed three of WikiLeaks employees data to the federal law-enforcement officials on CHRISTMAS EVE 2014. Talk about timing and what a way to kill the Christmas spirit. Ba-humbug! They handed over, the employees Gmail content, metadata, subscriber information and other additional pieces of content. It’s worth noting that WikiLeaks were issued with federal search warrants. I don’t suppose WikiLeaks will be consulting Google for SEO services Manchester wide tips anytime soon, do you?

The warrants were in relation to concerns of spying and theft of U.S. government property, but WikiLeaks are arguing as to why it has taken Google so long (over two and a half years) to alert their subscribers about the warrant. We don’t want to go into too much detail, but we will keep you informed if anything further develops. Speaking of Google, how are you search engine rankings looking? Have you decided whether or not you require any SEO services Manchester yet?

January is almost done and (snow) dusted for another year, and hopefully your January blues have too. It took a while, but everyone is slowly but surely back into their old routine and spent the last four weeks planning their new 2015 goal strategy, and we like to hope SEO services Manchester were part of the new agenda.

If it is, contact SEO Enterprise today for more information about how our SEO services Manchester wide can benefit your company. And if SEO services Manchester aren’t part of the 2015 agenda, then browse our website and bear us in mind for when you are ready.

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