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Is the ‘Star Wars’ Saga Really Just the Story of SEO?

Is the ‘Star Wars’ Saga Really Just the Story of SEO?

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past month or so, you’ve probably noticed that Star Wars is absolutely everywhere right now. Following the release of The Last Jedi last December, our Facebook feeds, television screens and seemingly every other piece of consumable media have been filled with images of porgs and wookies.
But, what you might not have noticed is just how much of an impact the Star Wars universe could have on the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Although it might have been set “a long time ago”, due to the sheer technological advancements (you know, all of the lightsabres, space ships and other cool sci-fi stuff), it’s pretty safe to assume that something closely resembling the internet would have to have been in existence at some point. We’re talking SEO on an inter-planetary basis here.
However, we’re arguing that Star Wars has had a bigger impact on SEO than you could possibly imagine, because it’s hard to ignore the parallels in their respective story lines.
Dark Side vs Light Side

The biggest theme running throughout Star Wars is the idea of the light side battling the dark. Although they might come under two different labels, this general theme has been clear for all to see within SEO for years. Light side vs dark side: white hat vs black hat. It’s all the same thing. More importantly, it teaches us the same important lessons.
Yoda describes the dark side as being the “easier, more seductive”, closely mirroring how many marketers feel about black hat SEO. The decision to take “the quick and easy” path by implementing black hat techniques will undoubtedly bring a whole set of consequences to your door, just like it does for those that turn to the dark side.
Quick results. Easy shortcuts. The same end result: the bad guys always get what’s coming to them.
Remember when the Rebel Alliance blew up the Death Star TWICE? Well, that’s a pretty strong metaphor as to what could happen to your business if you don’t follow the light side of SEO, and implement white hat techniques.
Using the Force (Link Juice)

Mastery of the Force is what gives a Jedi (or Sith), his power in Star Wars, while an effective SEO strategy also requires the right kind of force behind your choice of keywords. There’s no use in getting hold of all of this power, and then just continuously throwing it against the wall and hoping that something will eventually stick.
Nope, you need to have a clear strategy for using your keyword force if you ever hope to achieve positive results.
You can update blogs, meta tags, page content, back links and whatever else to generate a great deal of power in your site, but you need to be focused enough to funnel any link juice into exactly where it needs to go. Your choice of keywords is paramount to the fruitfulness of any SEO campaign, as is the way they are targeted.
If you don’t really know what you’re doing with this force… well, you just won’t make a very good Jedi, will you?
“You Must Learn Patience.”

It’s no secret that SEO requires a certain mastery. But, even if you’ve got Obi-Wan Kenobi levels of knowledge, patience will always be the key to a great campaign.
While Jedi Knights are told to “learn patience” as part of their path to mastering the light side, the same is also true for those SEO technicians using white hat techniques. There is no quick and easy fix with SEO, and the real pay off lies in putting in the time to learn the craft properly and using the force of your website in the right way.
By opting for the easier path and falling for the dark side of SEO, you could soon become a real-life Darth Vader- honestly, who’s actually got the time to deal with those kinds of breathing problem?

If you’re looking for leading SEO services to make sure your website is strong with the light side of the Force, then contact our team today and we’ll be happy to talk you through what makes us such a special agency!

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