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Spike in “What is the EU?” Google Searches AFTER Brexit Result Announced

Spike in “What is the EU?” Google Searches AFTER Brexit Result Announced

So after all the fuss, all the stress, all the inflammatory social media posts, it’s been announced that we are to leave the European Union. We’re not going to get into the specifics of the actual Brexit arguments, what we are going to talk about however is the fact that after the Brexit announcement was made, Google saw an alarming spike in search terms such as… wait for it… ‘what is the EU?’, ‘what does it mean to leave the EU?’, and ‘what is Brexit?’, which to be honest, is just appalling.

It seems that those who voted to leave, actually didn’t understand what they were voting for. Queries such as ‘What will happen to EU workers in the UK?’ and ‘will my benefits still be paid?’ were also searched for, along with queries about passports being valid, and again shockingly, queries regarding what the EU referendum actually is. Google Trends saw a +250% rise in people searching for ‘what will happen if we leave the EU?’, which is just staggering. Londoners also searched ‘moving to Gibraltar’ – Gibraltar being British territory on the South coast of Spain.

Answers to these specific questions were massively searched for, over general questions about the EU, and the fact these questions were asked after the results were announced is mind-boggling. We wonder if people understand that what they search for online is recorded when they use Google, and that Google can see the region in which those search terms are being generated from? Google is all seeing, all knowing, all recording, all analysing. Remember that.

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