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Social Media: What Not To Do

Social Media: What Not To Do

Often, we see social media used as an effective tool for promoting new businesses. Unfortunately, we also see businesses, who are new to the world of social media marketing, make easily avoidable mistakes.

To make life easier we have compiled some top tips to help you utilise social media in the most effective way:


  • Start your social media campaign without a clear strategy in place – We know you’re eager to begin advertising and interacting with customers through social media, but doing so too early can lead to a disjointed campaign that will fall flat and be difficult to revive.
  • Buy fake followers and likes: These followers won’t have any interest in your business, therefore won’t provide any useful feedback of site interaction. It can be frustrating to not see the likes as your putting in hard work, but be patient, the right customers will come eventually
  • Share too much in a short amount of time: Let our posts have their time in the sun. If you are spamming posts throughout the day, then people won’t get a chance to see them. If you’re posting all day and nobody is interacting with them through likes or shares etc, then Facebook will think you’re spam, and stop you appearing on people’s news feeds all together.
  • Attack every single platform at once: Each platform appeals to different types of customers. Figure out which one is best for your audience before attempting to use all of them simultaneously.
  • Just talk about the brand: social media opens up your businesses, not just as a platform to advertise your product/service, but to communicate with your customers; it is ‘social’ media after all. This platform has created an invaluable platform for gathering customer feedback that businesses haven’t had in the past.

At SEO Enterprise we develop social media campaigns that will advertise your brand and develop the relationship between you and your customers.


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