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Simple SEO Approaches That People Overcomplicate

Simple SEO Approaches That People Overcomplicate

The internet marketing industry is unique in itself because it can be learned by almost anybody, particularly when it comes to the methods utilised within SEO. With this said, search engine optimisation tends to be overcomplicated by those who do not understand the most effective way to implement a campaign. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise go over 3 simple approaches that people tend to overcomplicate due to a sheer lack of understanding…


When content is crafted for SEO purposes, the writer should ensure that the written information is relevant to the services a business is offering, completely original and comprehensible for the audience. After all, optimisation methods may be important but many technicians can overcomplicate a process that is otherwise incredibly simple by adding too many keywords; this means that the text does not flow properly which may affect the ranking of a website in the SERPs.

Being Ethical

The SEO industry is often separated on a clear-cut spectrum that states which techniques are good (white-hat) and which techniques are bad (black-hat). Although this is as simple as it sounds, some technicians will follow these rules so closely that they refuse to entertain certain practices such as link building because link farms, which can occur when link building is carried out incorrectly, are considered a black-hat method.


The programming language that makes up almost every single webpage on the internet is known as Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) and it is said that an SEO technician should be able to grasp it on a basic level. After all, this allows them to make minor changes to their site without relying on the expertise of a webmaster. With this said, some technicians will try to learn HTML inside and out when only a basic understanding is necessary and this can pull time away from their campaigns.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we place a lot of emphasis on the use of white-hat methods as an ethical campaign is the most effective way to generate results in the SERPs. With this said, we are able to recognise that the SEO industry isn’t as black and white as it seems and whilst some methods may be seen as black-hat when they are use incorrectly, it doesn’t mean that they should be disregarded completely. To find out more information about the simplicity of search engine optimisation, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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