Meet The first SEO Stream Team

The SEO Enterprise Stream team is designed to help companies reach a different kind of audience and help gain brand awareness in a different way. This SEO Stream team is very new and still in the trial and error phase, but SEO Enterprise has created a team that can help get your product or business out to the UK using platforms such as twitch, DLive, Youtube and Mixer as well as all the Social media platforms using the team captains.

So far, we have about 50,000 followers between the Five SEO Team Captains and SEO Director Phillip himself.

Each member of the team has their own website which we are in charge of optimising and as part of the SEO Stream Team Service guest blogs on all or one of the websites will help drive backlinks to your site.

The SEO Enterprise Stream Team (SEST) was put together December 2019 and we are proud to be creating this team and each Captain has been special chosen for their unique passion, ethos and the ability to want to help others as well as helping clients.

We have a selection of Verified Partners new upcoming streamers and growing streamers (affiliates) We also have Verified partners close to Global partners on the platform DLive which means big things for this team.

Have a look at the team visit their streams and say hello.

SEO Director only streams very part time but loves it. DLive Streamer
One of they reasons we picked KevJRobbo was cause of his unique way of trying to grow a helpful community on DLive
Kenny MC Gaming
Kenny is a unique creative streamer that brings alot to the team with his passion and drive to push himself up the streaming ladder.
Keith is our oldest team captain but brings with him a wisdom and creative edge to his streams. He offers free DLive stickers for anyone wanting to get their Brand across DLive
Stark1z is our latest recruit bringing a unique form of energy to the team,